The Simmons SLIS Usability Lab, established in September 2008 by a grant from the Simmons Pottruck Technology Resource Center, fosters collaborative research, enhances experiential learning, and provides services to communities with usability needs. As an innovative, state-of-the-art testing facility, the Usability Lab not only improves and advances SLIS faculty and student research experiences, but also offers a unique infrastructure with specialized software, equipment, and support enabling external researchers to perform evaluation of new and existing technologies within their organizations. The Lab provides training and tours to researchers, students, and alumni interested in usability testing as well as new opportunities to initiate interdisciplinary, collaborative course offerings with departments such as psychology, communication, education, and computer science. Finally, the Lab will be indispensible when testing, implementing, and extending new initiatives in blended learning across campus.

For more information on Lab use and rates, please contact professor Rong Tang (email: rong.tang@simmons.edu) with study specifics and needs.


Usability Lab Director: Rong Tang
Usability Lab Co-Director: Linnea Johnson
Usability Lab Research Assistant: Hannah Sieber
Usability Lab Research Assistant: Yeseul Song