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Welcome to the LISSA West Wiki

LISSA West is a student organization representing all Simmons College GSLIS West students. LISSA West officers maintain this wiki as a clearinghouse for information in order to help GSLIS West students stay connected with the community, find course evaluation information, get the latest on upcoming events, workshops and so on.

TWITTER: @lissa_west

2013-14 LISSA West Officers
Stephanie Spackey
Rose Reynolds
Catherine Flynn
Elizabeth Carron


About LISSA and LISSA West

The Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA) is a student group located at the Boston campus of Simmons College that represents and supports all students enrolled in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science. LISSA organizes education and social programs for students, represents the student body in discussions with faculty and other groups, maintains helpful resources, and helps students pay for the costs of attending library-oriented workshops and conferences. You can find information more about LISSA on LISSA's wiki.

LISSA West is the student organization's branch located at the GSLIS West campus. LISSA West meets and sponsors professional and social events throughout the semester. All students are encouraged to attend LISSA meetings and to contribute ideas for activities. In addition, interested students are encouraged to consider becoming a LISSA officer. (For more details on the roles, check out the Procedures and notes for LISSA West Officers.

Staying Connected to GSLIS West

The GSLIS@MHC list serve

If you can only pay attention to only one GSLIS list serve, this is the one you should watch. All LISSA West events, as well as other important information for GSLIS West students, will be announced via the gslisatmhc mailing list. As a GSLIS West Student, you should automatically be signed up for this list. NOTE: These messages will go to your Simmons email account so you'll need to forward them to the account you use regularly if you aren't in the habit of checking your Simmons account. You can change your list serve subscription options at

To contact all of GSLIS West, send an email to: Note: The first time you send an email to the list serve, your note will be delayed due to approval in Boston. This may take up to 24 hours. Also, replies to any note will come straight from the account you sent it from (, etc.)

The GSLIS West Web site

At the GSLIS West Web site you will find a calendar of GSLIS West & LISSA West events, workshops & activities and information about the GSLIS West program as well as links to more information about the GSLIS West community, job postings for Western Massachusetts & Connecticut libraries, etc.

GSLIS West Community & Housing Network

Interested in carpooling? Have textbooks to sell? Need a place to stay overnight? Check out the Community & Housing Network wiki!

Social Networking

LISSA West maintains a Twitter feed @LISSA_West and a page on Facebook where students can find updated news and information about the program, professional development opportunities, and anything else that we find interesting. Please feel free to share links to things that you think the GSLIS West community at large might find useful, thought-provoking or amusing!

Looking for someone's email address? There are two ways to do it:

Use the directory on the Simmons College Web page, or log into your Simmons Gmail account via the Simmons Connection and search the Contacts.

General Information for GSLIS West Students

GSLIS West Office Assistant

If you have general questions about using the computers in the GSLIS West office, need some assistance with the TOR or just want a refresher lesson in unlocking the office door, get in touch with Katherine Hand , the GSLIS West Office Assistant. Katherine is a fellow GSLIS West student, so she understands what you're going through!

Simmons College Beatley Library

You may spend many hours studying in Mt. Holyoke's Williston Library (and your MHC ID will allow you to borrow materials) but the Beatley Library in Boston is your home library. This Library Guide will help acquaint you with the many services available for GSLIS West students, including sending books to your home via Fed Ex!

The Dean's Fellow for GSLIS West: Your Ally in Boston

GSLIS West students have a "personal librarian" at Beatley Library in the person of Kate McGrath, the Dean's Fellow for GSLIS West. Kate can help you in the following ways:

  • By answering your reference questions
  • By ensuring that you receive materials that you need from Beatley Library
  • By troubleshooting library & technology-related issues.
  • By providing one-on-one and group instruction
  • By offering last-chance TOR workshops
  • By giving classroom instruction on specific searching assignments.

Links to Additional Information

  • Western Mass Library Advocates Blog Formerly known as the Western Massachusetts Regional Library System, the WMLA Blog is intended to be a one-stop location for staff, trustees and friends of libraries in Western MA to share information.

Calendar of GSLIS West Events


Course Evaluations & Syllabi

Course evaluations & syllabi can be useful tools when you are deciding what classes to take. LISSA administers evaluations for every GSLIS course. You can find paper copies of evaluations for GSLIS West courses in binders in the GSLIS West Office while evaluations for Boston courses are contained in binders in the Student Services Center in the Palace Road building in Boston.

Professional Development and Career Building

Other Student Groups at GSLIS

Simmons College GSLIS maintains a number of active student chapters of professional organizations such as the American Library Association or the Society of American Archivists. These student groups organize workshops and events and promote networking among students and professionals in the field.

Although most of the groups are based on the Boston campus, GSLIS West students are encouraged to join the groups that match their interests. Many of the student groups maintain their own websites, Facebook pages or mailing lists, so even if you cannot join the meetings on a regular basis, you can keep in touch electronically.

The official list of GSLIS Student groups on the Simmons website can be found at The list below may occasionally be out of date.

Information about GSLIS in Boston

Curious about visiting the Boston campus? Check out this link...

GSLIS Boston


Fall 2012 Activity Survey Results

LIS 407 Survival Tips

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