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SLA @ Simmons

SLA @ Simmons is the student chapter of the Special Library Association, located at Simmons College in Boston, MA.

Members: Let's use this wiki as a forum to discuss thoughts and ideas. Follow this link to the general discussion page.

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Get Involved

       ** Check out our Calendar for all upcoming events! **

Past Events Fall 2010

Welcome back SLA-ers!

Our first general meeting was September 23rd at 5:30pm in the GSLIS Lounge. There were tasty treats, open SLA officer positions, and a semester's worth of events to discuss. Look for snazzy flyers soon to appear in the Palace Road Building hallways!

SLA Centennial Celebration

SLA Boston is celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year! There was going to be a day full of awesome events, including a reception at Simmons. SLA@Simmons, in coordination with SLA Boston and GSLIS hosted a pre-centennial reception on September 28th at 11am. The SLA President and CEO both attended and spoke with students about their career paths and ours. A great time was had by all!

General Meeting: October 21st 5:30pm in the GSLIS Lounge

Members came for the pizza and stayed for the special librarians.

Public Speaking Workshop

On Oct 29th at 4:30pm SLA and ALASC sponsored a public speaking workshop with guest speaker Jessamyn West. It was an opportunity to work on public speaking skills and everyone had a chance to practice.

The History Project Tour

On November 10th at 6pm SLA sponsored a tour of the History Project. It was a unique opportunity to see inside a special library/archive and to speak with a recent Simmons alumni.

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SLA New England (professional chapter) Upcoming Events

Ever wish you had more opportunities to meet professional librarians?

The New England chapter of the SLA generously welcomes Simmons GSLIS students to join their events.

See the SLA New England chapter website for details, and mark your calendars!

SLA Resources

Follow these links to websites and other information for the information professional:

  • SLA-related websites
  • Employment listings
  • Events and things of interest around Simmons College
  • SLA Scholarships

Information about Special Libraries

Help make the wiki better! The following sections need to be updated. If you have a few moments, please feel free to update these pages. (If you're not sure how, you'll find instructions for using wikis under the "Help" page on the left-hand menu.)

Would you like to see more of these? Perhaps a page on Map Libraries, Business Libraries, or whatever? Please feel free to add a page! Your fellow students will thank you!

This wiki as a great forum to share knowledge or even just random thoughts. Every comment is useful, since you never know what will spark the next great idea (or at least get things moving in that direction). Follow this link to the general discussion page.

Simmons SLA Officers

Add Your Fuel to the SLA Fire

If you have ideas on where this organization can go and what we can do, let us know. Better yet? Get involved! Simmons SLA is a great organization powered by your energy. Contact to add your fuel to the fires and kick this baby into action.

Academic Year 2013-14 Officers:

President: Elizabeth Urbanczyk
Vice-President: Kari Bhagat
Secretary: Samantha DeWitt
Treasurer: Timothy Walsh
Webmaster: Preethi Soman

Academic Year 2012-13 Officers:

President: Elizabeth Urbanczyk
Vice-President: Katy Jensen
Secretary: Kari Bhagat
Treasurer: Timothy Walsh
Archivist: Meghan Bailey
Webmaster: Emily Powers

Academic Year 2011-12 Officers:

President: Sophy Bishop
Vice-President: Emily Toner
Wiki Gardener/Webmaster: Samantha Harvey
'Treasurer: Sarah Funke Donovan
Secretary: Kiersten Paine
Archivist: Meghan Bailey

Academic Year 2010-11 Officers:

President: Gabi Toth
Vice President: Miranda Rivers
Wiki Gardener: Shanti Freundlich
Treasurer: Chris Hurd
Secretary: Stacie Williams

Simmons SLA Past Events

Missed an SLA event? Check out SLA@Simmons' Event and E-mail archive.

Please remember to sign up for the SLA student list serve for updates on events and exciting job possibilities! You can either go to to manage your listserv options or send an e-mail to Heather at

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